Big data has not yet managed to make fundamental changes in companies

Big Data has great potential for businesses, but these have not yet achieved a final transformation result of its full implementation. Actually, they are in the right direction, and changes are evident and the way businesses operate, but it is necessary to live a process of adaptation, still in full swing.

Certainly, companies are implementing Big Data, but its use has not yet affected the way they do things. This is reflected in the survey published by Accenture.

Big data has not yet managed to make fundamental changes in companiesWhat areas mainly affect the Big Data?

According to the Accenture study, the use of engineering data especially influences the relationship with (37%) customer in the process of product development (26%) and level of operational organization (15%). However, so far it has not been applied to improving business practices.

In principle, only 29% of companies use it to make predictions, to raise scenarios, depending on the data analysis. Big Data is mainly used for the more technical aspects. 65% applies to the control and monitoring equipment operational problems, while for 62% it is useful, to the now collect large amounts of data from many different sources.

But the company did not lose hope. The expectations of the Big Data are very high. 89% of executives surveyed considered that will revolutionize the way we do business. A revolution reminiscent of the great change that involved the use of internet in business practice. Meanwhile, 85% believe that the change will be momentous in the future.

Companies are so aware of the relevance of Big Data for your business, that 79% believe that the consequences of not implementing it will result in the loss of competitiveness of the company, and even extinction. In this sense, those companies that have already begun to dive into the vast world of data considered to be in position of advantage over their competition (83%).

What companies expect the Big Data?

The companies expect the analysis and application of data provided by the Big Data will be useful to generate new business opportunities (49%) and to improve their economic performance due to improvements in corporate governance, drawn from the conclusions offered by the analysis of these data.

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