The best key to improve the usability of your eCommerce

Today, without a good user experience, it is unlikely that good conversion rates are achieved, much less increase sales. Keep in mind that there are more than 90,000 online stores, and many of them, their only trump card game is compete on price, and that in the medium term will end, because marketplace like Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba … etc, they eat them with potatoes. But there is a better way to compete, and is wowing the customer by offering the best experience while shopping in our e-commerce.

When the user arrives at an online store you have to enjoy friendly, easy and useful experience. If the page is slow, do not load well, does not look good on your browser or is not intuitive because the elements are not easy to find, the user will have a very bad experience and avoid by all means having to re-enter our store.

The best key to improve the usability of your eCommerceThe four main advantages of adding a good user experience are:

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased sales
  • Reduced development time and costs
  • Increased customer satisfaction

How to get implement a user experience of 10 is quite complicated, then I show you the best keys to the usability of your online shop improves, and thus increase sales.

  • The platform you choose, it has to be scalable: So, as it grows your business, your platform as well. This is important, because a user when used to navigate your store in a way, if you then change your platform, it is frustrating because you’ve changed everything. The same happens in real life, Cundo in a hypermarket we are accustomed to roam the halls usual, and suddenly we change everything in place, and in the end we left forgetting many things, and above a tantrum not see .
  • Loading speed: The server you choose, you need to have enough space so that your online store is “a Ferrari”. If your page takes more than 4 seconds to load, or is very slow, you’re lost.
  • Excellent customer: You have to have the customer of your store as available as possible. Also, I recommend that put business hours, clearly visible on the page.
  • Confidence: You have to worry, because your users trust you. Yes you can, put your trust seals in store. But for me what helps to have confidence in a site, it is its transparency. I advise, show photos and videos of your facilities, how to send your products, make visible the direction of your facilities, .. etc. Another strategy to increase confidence is to many forms of contact, and publish it in many places of the page.
  • Innovate: You have to worry about innovate, adapt and improve your shop frequently. It’s like if you have a physical store, and every step change gender and decoration in your window, the same as you do in your online store. You have to see that your site has new features that change visual appearance that invest in innovation in usability, .. etc.
  • Security: To have a good user experience, security can never miss, so you have to worry that your tent respects and ensures the safety of your customer data.
  • Reputation: When there is a crisis of reputation or bad comments to a shop, the way how it is managed and solve these bad situations, increases or decreases confidence in a site. So you must, know perfectly manage these situations, which are inevitable, because sooner or later it will happen. If you do well, you will win the respect and trust of many users.
  • Intuitive navigation: Navigating your store, has to be easy and intuitive. Never make the user think, much less, doing navigate a maze.
  • Proper design: The design of your page must be set according to your philosophy. For example, when my company has to make an online store, we always talk or will we see the physical location of the customer, and all this, to imbibe the philosophy and tastes they want to convey to their end user. Many stores increased their sales because they matched in the setting of their sites, since the user was impressed and felt at ease in their stores.
  • Min. Information: You must apply at the least possible personal information to your users, and make sure you put your privacy policy clearly visible.
  • Outside pictures of stock: Do not put pictures of stock or typical, since the user to this type of photo reacts very badly, because for the user this is indicative that do not invest in your brand, do not you worry about your users. The best photographs are the everyday images of a business, natural, spontaneous, fresh etc. Furthermore I advise you change them at least twice a year, so that the user sees that invest in the store and we care about them.

If you follow all these keys, I assure you see as the conversion of your online business improvement. Surely implement an eCommerce with a good user experience is the best bet there is to differentiate themselves from competitors, and above all, to get happy and satisfied with your store.

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