5 Important Medical Breakthroughs

Medical breakthroughs can happen at any time, anywhere. Our technology is constantly developing and advancing, allowing health professionals to better treat patients in ways that were previously unheard of. These impressive medical advances have impacted our lives in such a way that new clinical trials testing the latest treatments and medical devices have increased dramatically over the course of recent years.

5 Important Medical Breakthroughs

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Many clinical trial teams have sought professional Clinical Research Associates from gandlscientific.com to assist with the testing phases of the trials, helping to bring better treatment options to patients across the globe. Below we have included five of the most important medical breakthroughs in the history of time:

  1. Vaccines

Where would we be today without vaccines to keep us immune from life-threatening diseases? Vaccinations were introduced back in 1796. The first ever vaccine treated smallpox and saved the life of a young boy from England. Since then, the advancement of vaccines has been used to defend against viral infections and diseases such as typhus, tetanus and many others.

  1. Anaesthetic

Surgery is of course detrimental in today’s world, but there was a time that surgery was much more dangerous than it is today. It wasn’t until 1846, according to the abc News, that anaesthetic was introduced by William T.G Morton. He used ether to dull pain during surgery and found that it made the process more tolerant. This was then followed by the introduction of antisepsis.

  1. Birth Control Pill

This method of contraception was approved by the FDA in the 1960’s. However, it has since been a rather controversial subject matter and wasn’t made completely legal for public use until 1972. It allowed women to have more control, lessening the chances of unwanted pregnancies and even the general frustrations of periods. Recently, there has been a new development in this area. In 2003, according to CNN, a new birth control pill was approved and introduced into the market. This variation enabled women to undergo a period only four times a year!

  1. Antibiotics

Antibiotics is, without a doubt, one of the most important medical advancements in medical history. It was discovered that penicillium notatum could kill harmful bacteria. This discovery eventually led to the treatment of pain and other bacterial illnesses.

  1. Organ Transplants

Organ transplantation has offered many people around the world a second chance in life. The first ever transplant operation occurred back in 1954. The surgery involved taking a kidney from a donor and inserting into another. This opened up a huge range of surgical options, eventually leading to more intricate procedures such as the first ever heart transplant which occurred in 1968.

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