So looks the Samsung S2 wrist Gear


We all like surprises in the presentations, “one more thing”, and Samsung had prepared one that we had been waiting a long time, one that we would advance in great detail how it will be his first circular clock: Gear Samsung S2.

SmartWatchMoments before the new phones were protagonists of the presentation, Samsung showed us the clock, and some catches were taken so we could all watch him more closely. Now we have at hand a complete gallery, higher quality, and some additional information that I will like to know.

The first thing that strikes us is its circular design, the second is that appears to be constructed of metal and rubber, with a design and size – relatively compact – that will appeal to many people. No buttons are large, it seems that on the right side there are at least two close to the body.

The following images are taken from a “Lookbook” Samsung has developed alongside the new phone. An important detail has to do with the operating system, again we are not dealing with a wearable Android Wear, here the bet stays home and Tizen be used. No doubt that Samsung will also offer Google the platform, but it seems clear that what he becomes priority.

Koreans seem to have adapted the interface to the new form of display that brings Samsung S2 Gear.

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