6 business ideas that no one has tried, yet!


A man with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds. Well this phrase is very true because history shows us that many great entrepreneurs have been labeled as “insane” because they dared to propose some ideas that mankind at the time considered illogical or impossible and then eventually became great inventions or big business.

BusinessThe examples are endless and the lesson we still have to learn is that as entrepreneurs we should be more open-minded and instead of thinking can that be possible? Hence today I share some business ideas that anyone has tried and fall into the hands of a visionary could positively transform our world:

1. Detector breathalyzer in every car

A system that detects the driver’s alcohol level so that if drunk, the vehicle may not work, especially useful for public transport vehicles.

The system could have even recorded the number of family members to automatically seek assistance instead. Can you imagine how many lives would be saved?

2. Supermarket without carts

For those who hate the long lines of carts in the supermarket, as well as stress and all the time spent on walking the halls choosing and arranging products pantry.

The solution is to have a device bar code with which you could choose your products without throwing them into carts, so that when you get to the box, they already have on your system your total purchase and outside all your products and packed and ready to go.

This could be a premium service for which many paid without thinking.

3. Newspaper headlines only

Free newspapers often spend too much paper in which few people read news completely. Most read only the headlines so a good idea would be to make only periodic headlines or brief summaries of news informed us that only the most important, saving, long time and paper.

4. System cyber angels

To hire a service whereby internet experts could monitor social media conversations and Internet access for your children with the sole end and purpose to inform and protect against any possible deception or danger comes near them on the web. All without violating their privacy.

5. Fun candy machines

Invent machines that children can acquire goodies but more fun mechanisms that invite challenge and consume. With great creativity insurance to be sold by the thousands.

6. Screens with social networks in gyms

Usually when you do cardio in the gym or treadmill, or elliptical bimetallic for 30 minutes only you listen to some music or watching TV screens with tedious programming.

It would be great to have the possibility of screens where you could enter your facebook or twitter easily controllable through hands while you exercise. It would be less tedious exercise time. The gym I could offer as an added value for your customers or additional cash it for those who request it.

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