Office furniture of old

When the first office really came into function, the furniture adorning them was terribly basic. You can imagine – wooden chairs and tables, none of which had wheels and every piece was static and really uncomfortable.

During the 1800s the office chair came into being, created by the famous scientist Charles Darwin himself who decided he wanted wheels on his chair to reach his specimens quicker.  The design was an incredibly basic prototype, but you can thank Darwin for the theory of evolution of the office chair as well!

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It was also towards the end of this century that the roll top desk was introduced, as well as the basic filing system. It usually featured some simple drawers with separators made from cardboard strips! To equip your 21st century, modern office space today, consider Office Furniture Bristol. Find out more about Office Furniture Bristol at a site like 1st Dzine.

Of course, there were no desktop or laptop computers as we have nowadays, so it all started with the good, old typewriter. This invention didn’t arrive until 1867, and because of this development, which was rapidly adopted by offices everywhere, roll top desks were replaced by the usual flat table top you still see sometimes today.

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Can you imagine sitting for seven or eight hours a day with just a flat table and awkward chair with no wheels?  A numb behind and slightly sore back would be the likely the end result of a long day at the office for many back in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

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