Understanding bidirectionality: The game back and forth linking brands and users

Today the dialogue with users from actions related to participatory Web 2.0 systems is governed from the bidirectionality: the strategic interaction facing two directions.

You need to have some clear ideas on the elements governing bidirectionality, to understand and apply it in each of our strategies and executions in the best way…Understanding bidirectionality The game back and forth linking brands and users

  • Reciprocity: The user and the brand hereby establish a personal contact, where both yield information to exchange roles constantly.
  • Dialogue: Communication becomes defined as a conversation.
  • Equivalence: Gone was the active transmitter and passive receiver. Today, users and manufacturers face at the same level of relations. Both equally!
  • Information exchange: The user decides to upload your data, create a profile, share personal information, while the mark resolved to open their doors and allow a sincere, direct and human dialogue.
  • Double track: This game round or double opening will be the influence on the formation and consolidation of a strong, capable of generating brand loyalty and fidelity.
  • Consolidation: The brand generated content must meet guidelines that strengthen the brand from any angle.
  • Value orientation: Bidirectionality should have as a conceptual basis and executional openness, trust, cooperation, participation and transparency.
  • Road to loyalty: As users enter the stop mark on their own life stories, and accept their guidelines, you can specify a fidelity whose maintenance must be carefully worked.

When we decided to base our actions on bidirectionality, we have understood the essence of the new talks that are necessary today, and make brands and users to meet and engage each other.

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