Mobile Marketing: Images to seduce the user in the palm of your hand

The world of communication is experiencing an exciting moment full of revolutionary opportunities: now the viewer, the user receiving marketing and advertising content, can receive our message in the palm of his hand. We could say that our message will reach its most intimate, most direct reality … we must take advantage of the moment very well.

Our brand or product messages are received at any place and at any time, it is a fascinating opportunity to capture the viewer, since it creates a new stage of total connectivity in which our message should be able to stand out over the rest of messages . In many cases, it is necessary to attract the attention of the recipient so that the effect on your purchase decision or brand image is appropriate.

Through a “smartphone”, “tablet”, laptop and even wristwatches with Internet, the user receives thousands of messages a day. Thousands of marketing content, or brand content, to sell product or brand positioning. The user is, therefore, saturated with messages. Everyone wants to reach out and conquer the heart – and the wallet – of the viewer.

But what can be done to differentiate our message and make it stand out from the rest? Undoubtedly, one of the strengths of our message is the content, but also the visual, the way in which that content is offered to the user. In this sense, images, design and typography play a fundamental role in getting the message to a viewer who is already saturated with information.

Images full of color, impact and life

We need to plan with the utmost dedication the visual aspect of our messages. Not only do we need a good creative, a fantastic copy, we also need the best photographic content, the best video, in short, to fight to adapt this message to the new portable screens and to love our viewer.

Thanks to the most colorful, striking and alive visual aspect, we want our recipient to be impressed with our message, we want you to fall in love with our brand and our product, and we need the best image.

In our hand, within reach of a few clicks, we have millions of fantastic archival photographs, as well as stunning videos, which we can find effortlessly in specialized sites like Fotolia. In just a few minutes we will have at our work table all the ingredients, of the best quality, that we must mix to obtain a supreme product, attractive and visually impeccable.

Having a wide range of images of the highest quality and the best impact available from any place in the world and through any device is an essential tool for our team to make the most attractive message. In addition, we can work on our message including images without worrying about potential copyright or intellectual property issues, with the peace of mind of turning to a prestigious provider like Fotolia.

In other words, the salad between content and continent must be very well matched, so that the message is plagued with color and its effectiveness is much greater. A single photograph, if it has enough visual impact and artistic and technical quality, can do a great job to promote our brand and get that impact lasting in the receiver.

No campaign can leave aside the need to use the best images to “seduce” almost instantaneously, to this user who is permanently connected through his handheld device, in a globalized world, in which brands, more than ever, Need to strengthen their presence and get messages that have an effective impact.

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