Four Things to Organise When you Move Abroad

There is a lot to organise when you are moving house, and if you are moving to live in another country there is even more! Here are four things that it is essential to arrange if you are planning to move to a new country…

Paperwork – When you move abroad, there will likely be a lot of paperwork that you will need to deal with. The most important document that you will need of course is your passport, so make sure that it is in date and valid for travel. You should also ensure that you have all the documents to confirm that you are able to live in that country, such as working Visas, and also look into things like insurance. Keep all this documentation in one place and carry it with you when you move so that you can quickly access it if needed.

Finances – You will need to sort your finances out and plan financially for your move. Let your bank know that you are going to be moving overseas and work out what you will have to live on when you are there. You will also need to work out what costs you will incur when you are moving and budget for them. Financial planning before you go is essential so that you are not hit with an unexpected cost.

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Shipping or storage – When you move you might want to take your belongings with you or you might not. If you are going to be keeping some of your things but don’t want to take them, then you can arrange to have them out into a storage facility. This will keep them safe if you plan on having them back at some time in the future, or plan to return to the UK.

If you want to take your possessions with you, then contact a shipping company who will arrange to have them transported. They will be placed into a storage crate and sealed with a security seal like this to keep them safe during the trip.

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Pets – Pets are a part of the family, so of course you will want yours to come with you. Check the regulations for transporting animals into the country and also plan how you will get them there. They may also need to spend some time in quarantine when they arrive so bear this in mind.

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