The 5 keys to the loyalty strategy through video

It is increasingly difficult to capture the attention of the audience on the Internet. How many lines does a user read before, unconsciously, begin to slide his eyes diagonally from one side of the page to the other? Include in the content strategy a video that captures the user can help find new ways to captivate the audience, stay in your memory, motivate conversations and generate conversions. And this is applicable in both B2B and B2C environments.

More and more marketing professionals are reaping good results by using video content to attract the customer’s attention throughout their relationship with the brand, from the knowledge phase to the evaluation of products and services. purchase, and even up to the loyalty.

  • Brand awareness: video has the power to attract new audiences and reach new viewers, regardless of which pages they visit. The videos on innovation and business culture capture the attention of the potential customer from the beginning.
    In this sense, the vintage-style video campaign from Linkedin is a perfect example of how to attract users to the website and encourage them to get involved.
  • Generation of interest: video brings your products and services to life better than any other medium. Potential customers often prefer the visual to better understand the offers.
  • Proof of products: the video is a good vehicle for the inclusion of calls to action that motivate the audience without having to leave the browser.
    The data from the Forbes insights report   show that “businessmen” have a preference for video when it comes to information about products.
  • Purchase: Product videos increase the size of the shopping cart and the conversion rates online up to 200%.
  •  Loyalty : The video allows you to connect with customers and make them return to visit the web.

Beyond YouTube

Free video hosting websites like YouTube are perfect for generating traffic and increasing visualizations, especially in viral campaigns. However, it is a fact that marketers prefer to have more control over the viewing experience of their content. This is the reason why online video hosting and editing platforms can offer so much flexibility to customize the players, integrating them completely with the look-and-feel of the brand. These platforms also have elements to enhance the interaction of the viewers with the video, such as calls to action that allow clicking to buy on the website while watching the contents, as well as offering information about the performance the video is having,

Online video platforms also allow contextual information about the video to be included, such as descriptive texts and labels that will also enhance the discovery of them, contributing to the SEO’s better positioning on the web. These valuable metadata will go with your video wherever it is shared, both in social networks and in blog posts where they have been integrated.

And, finally, it is also important to be able to offer the same level of viewing experience regardless of the device users use. They should be able to easily access video content in both Flash and HTML5 environments, so that their experience from mobile browsers (including iPad and iPhone) is as easy and attractive as they enjoy from their PCs.

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