From the Community, listening and the importance of content creation

Content marketing has exploded and has been revealed for some time as the best way to position, not just a website, but a brand. The brands that share quality content are those that, in the end, have a better reputation and those that achieve a relevant position in their sector, because users want quality content, whatever they may be.

Creating content is a fundamental practice for any company that wants to achieve its goals in Social Media, since users look for something in exchange for following the brand, the content, which, as we say, can be very diverse in nature.

The professionals who create content, in large part, expect that material to be interesting and attractive enough to be able to generate conversation and debate around it, and, we deal with issues that in a certain way can raise some controversy to encourage Other users to comment, why not.

But, on the other hand, we must be very aware that, although we try to generate conversation and interaction between the different members of the community and with ourselves, we must not lose sight of one of the main pillars of Social Media: listening , or active listening, as other colleagues of profession call it.

The community wants us to create a sincere relationship with her, and treat her with the same honesty with which we would treat a friend. She gives us her fidelity and her feedback, she speaks to us, and we must listen to her. It is what we would do with any person to whom we united a friendship relationship, right?

Therefore, we must always bear in mind that the community is a mass of users, are people who seek to create strong ties with the brand, although unconsciously, they want to feel part of it and that the brand makes them participate, whatever the reason may be. for which they need, for what we have to give them their place, the importance they require and to recognize the great value they have for us as a company.

Just like a friend tells us when we do something that he does not like or that has bothered him and we apologize and try not to let it happen again, we listen to his complaints, his suggestions, his opinions or anything else he wants to tell us with a predisposed attitude, when we offer the audience a product, a service or a content we must maintain that same attitude, offer it in an honest and sincere way, and, in case there are complaints or suggestions listen positively and take advantage of that feedback, even if we do not like it what the users have to say to us.

It is the only way to create community in a real way. A community is much more than a series of users who read our updates on social profiles or in our blog. A community is a group of people with whom we have created a real bond and who consider that we are useful to them, someone whom we consider traveling companions and with whom we talk about you, without detours, and from whom we listen to what They have to say, because they are the main reason we are there.

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