Search advertising becomes increasingly mobile

No one seems to have any doubts that mobile advertising is ever more important, a recent study by The Search Agency estimates that in the US. The market share of pay-clicks, which take place on smartphones and tablets, has almost doubled between Q4 2011 and Q4 2012. The tablets have experienced a remarkably fast growth, and almost represent 10% of The figure for Q4 2012.

Thus, in 4Q of 2011, the distribution of the online market was distributed between 87.6% of desktop computers, 8.2% on smartphones and 4.2 on tablets. In Q4 2012, the percentage was 76.6% of desktop computers, 13.6% of smartphones and 9.8% of tablets.

In the fight with surnames for the advertising market, Google continues to lead, with a great advantage over Bing on all platforms. On desktop computers, Google has a share of 4/5 of the total in Q4 2012, according to The Search Agency, and Bing does not even reach that remaining 1/5 (80.6% versus 19.4% %), Despite its alliance with Yahoo !. The distance is even greater in the case of mobile teams, where Google’s market share soars up to 88.8% and the Bing-Yahoo alliance! Only gets 11.2%.

The Search Agency has found that advertisers on mobile devices pay less for their advertising than those used on desktop devices, but interest in mobile advertising has only just begun.

EMarketer has calculated that US advertisers Will increase their ad spending on the mobile search market this year by 80.6 percent to $ 3.54 billion from $ 1.99 billion in 2012. In the US, total spending on Digital advertising, including mobile, will grow in 2013 from 17.58 billion in 2012, to 19.76 billion in 2013, driven mainly by mobile advertising.

The gap between ad spend between desktops and mobile devices will continue to decline. EMarketer estimates that in 2016, advertisers will spend about 24.4 billion searches, of which 10.3 billion will go to mobile devices.

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