Online video claims its throne as new King of Content Marketing

We usually say that content is the king, and lately there is a type of content that is gaining more and more value, increasing its wealth and expansion, exercising its dominance also in social networks: this is online video.

Global traffic consumption has experienced a considerable increase in recent years. If in 2012 consumed 16.9 petabytes per month, in 2013 it is expected to reach 21 and in 2016 more than double, surpassing 45.

YouTube is the main video platform, with more than 150 million unique visits per month. Second, although a considerable distance, a social network, Facebook, with about 60 million.

The video has significantly boosted the demand for this type of content by the users, representing 51% of the total traffic. It is estimated that in 2017 users will consume more video than any other type of content through mobile devices (66%).

Are companies aware of this new reality?

According to eMarketer, 87% of companies in the United States already include video in their content strategy. In fact it is their main bet, compared to 66% who turn to blogs or 44% who publish photos and articles of their products.

Videomarketing, increasingly effective

Videomarketing, for its part, is also consolidated as an advertising format. The online video advertising spend in 2012 was almost $ 3 billion, based on data provided by SundaySky; A figure that will double sharply in 2015, reaching $ 6.3 billion.

Video as first-rate content in social networks

Social networks also want to take advantage of this kind of compelling content, and have launched to create their own applications for video:

At the end of January we saw the birth of Vine, the Twitter application that allows you to create and share videos of 6 seconds. At the moment it is only available for iPhone, despite which during its first weekend of life 113,897 videos were shared in the network of the gorjeos.

Facebook also has not wanted to be left behind, and has adapted its mobile application for iOs, thus allowing to record videos.

The video does not only provide leisure and entertainment content, 62% of users use it to search for product information; Which reaffirms his intention to buy, as well as his confidence in the brand.

Likewise, it is a type of content that is easily viralizable. The IAB tells us that 92% of online video users share them.

Do you bet on online video in your content strategy?

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