How online videos sweep and conquer consumers and brands

For if some absentminded has so far escaped the importance of online video in its digital marketing strategy, or considers that users only pay attention to funny videos of kittens or babies; Nothing further from the reality: Consumers spend 60% of the time devoted to online video to watch videos about products. According to Nielsen, 2 out of 3 users turn to video channels to find out about the products they are interested in and 3 out of 5 customers remain on average 2 minutes in front of the video.

In addition, customers not only feel impassive in front of the screen, but interact with the video:

  •  52% of customers indicate that visiting these product videos increases their confidence in the brand and reaffirms their intention to purchase.
  • The video has an attractive visual component, which can serve to capture the target audience, with the goal of later impact with retargeting techniques.
  • According to the IAB, 92% of online video consumers share the videos.

In addition to betting on the creation of audiovisual content, companies must know how to promote it: 

  • 1 in 2 is less willing to change a product after having seen a video on it
  • Buyers who have seen a video about a product are 174% more determined to buy it than those who are not.

Videomarketing promotes mcommerce:

  • Mobile users are 3 times more likely to watch a video on their mobile device than on their desktop computer, or laptop.
  • Half of smartphone owners have seen an online video in the last 3 months.
  • About 40% of customers claim that the videos increase their intention to acquire the product through the mobile.
  • 25% of internet users on the mobile made a purchase during 2012 with their device.
  • IPad users are very good online customers. 62% spent more than $ 250 on their purchases last year.

Companies are going to bet on online video this year: 

  • 76% of marketers are planning to add audiovisual content to their website.
  • Video production will soon account for a third of online advertising spend.

Online videos conquer women

Other research related and developed by Total Beauty Media Group offered us data on the popularity rate of videos among the female audience.

The results of this study showed the great interest in audiovisual content, given that 87% of women surveyed said that they consume videos online. However, beyond its content or in its case promotional context, about 80% of women reject the ads that are broadcast before the selected video. An aspect that calls into question the very effectiveness of this type of advertising called pre-roll. Even so, some studies uncover the keys to increase this efficiency and impact.

Surprise and joy, key factors to increase the attention of online videos

In order to find out the effect of this type of insertion, Prof. S. Thales Teixeira of the Harvard Business School, Harvard University, carried out a study, which analyzed which components should include an advertisement for Capture the recipient’s interest, and retain their attention.

Professor Teixera indicated that the ads must have a surprise element at the beginning of the advertisement, continuing with a longer space of entertainment, joy or emotion; In order to extend the period of attention to the maximum. Conclusion that, however, contradicts the usual advertising practice, where the surprise effect is reserved for the end, although taking into account that in the online video the user has the possibility to skip the advertisement, and move directly to the video that interests him, while That on television viewers have to wait patiently for the ad to end.

However, it is important to point out the important difference between “pre-roll” commercial video ads and videos with brand content that does not necessarily aim to promote a particular product or service explicitly, but to offer other types of experiences and impacts Where the mark is present somehow. In this sense, viral marketing or Branden Content are positioned as the best allies of online videos beyond advertising. And to achieve success as not, with online videos it is also necessary to create content that is faithful and that favors the engagement between brand and consumer.

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