Does your brand have active followers or only collects fans?

Brands already have some experience online. They created their social profiles and began collecting fans, who in the first instance showed their confidence and continue to be there. But here the thing can not be left. One of the main challenges for brands today is to encourage engagement, go one step further and establish effective communion with their followers.

It’s not about numbers, it’s about people.

To do this, brands need to stop focusing on numbers, their goal can not be reduced to measure how many followers you have on Facebook, but how to make them respond, feel that the company is really there and is interested in them.

On average, 50% of your new fans will stop watching your posts in the next 3 months if you have not been able to hook them before. Richard Jones of EngageSciencies believes that the problem lies in poor management of the community by the brand, which is not aware of the importance of reaching its audience from the moment they become a fan, and make them want know more.

For this reason, it is important to develop a strategy focused on each type of user, in order to direct a message specifically designed for him, so that he really interested and decided to interact with the brand. It applies segmentation techniques, just as if it were an e-mail marketing action, where the accuracy of the message determines the success of the campaign.

Get those lost fans back

They’re still your fans, but they really do not know anything about you; From the first moment you failed to catch their attention and your updates were lost in the abyss of saturation. Create actions aimed especially for your fans, and analyze the participation. Record every movement of your fans, their likes, their comments and interactions with their contacts. All this information will serve to get to know you a little more, and to gradually make a gap between your favorites.

It is necessary that you keep the interest, that you do not fall back into oblivion

If you relax and stop giving them reason to want to stay with you, these efforts will have been in vain. Once again, it is important that you apply a strategy, designed according to your target and your needs. Study your movements, your interests, how you respond to your updates, and strive to surprise you day by day.

Social Media is definitely a medium where interactions are not produced by magic, but we must strive to foster engagement and get your followers to respond. It requires a properly planned and constant work, seasoned with high doses of creativity.

Does your brand have active followers, or do you just collect fans? What do you do to encourage engagement?

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