Online advertising in social games wins in effectiveness

Advertising in social games are giving better results than conventional online advertising campaigns, generating a higher rate of interactivity, as well as better CTR, according to MediaBrix.

Social games are especially attractive to users, who always welcome the solutions related to leisure and entertainment; So it is not surprising that they occupy a preferred place in both mobile devices such as computers and tablets. Consequently, they constitute a good advertising medium that companies have not wanted to waste.

In their study, Mediabrix compares the effectiveness of all advertising formats in social games, including video, both via mobile device and through the traditional home computer, obtaining the following conclusions:

The CTR of the social games generate a CTR 30 times superior to the campaigns of banners and the ads of Facebook; That is, 3%, compared to the approximate 0.10% of the rest.

On average, ads for social games show an activity rate of 20%, which is a notable difference from Facebook fanpage, barely 0.50%, and pre-roll video ads (3, 64%).

In addition, those video ads inserted in social games with which the user obtains a reward when viewing them completely, register a CTR of approximately 11%, which is 100 more than achieved through the banner campaigns. This implies a completion rate of 91%, only surpassed by insertions within complete chapters (93%). In contrast, video and news portals remain at around 84%; The websites and blogs do not register more than 74%.

As we have been able to observe according to the information provided by Mediabrix, social players willingly accept the publicity, preferably if they obtain some sale in return. This situation also encourages brands to consider the generation of this type of playful content, incorporating advergaming to their Social Media strategy.

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