Marketing Strategies: Internet, yes or yes

Since the use of the Internet will begin to generalize in companies more than a decade ago, there have been a number of critical times of expectation that have believed to detect significant changes in the horizon of the network.

And so, year after year, sometimes the changes end up coming, as a sociological study of McKinsey conducted between marketing managers of companies spread around the world has shown that in this area, habits, customs and procedures lead and a prolonged season changing at an accelerated pace, although not always homogeneous. Sometimes, we have the perception that companies do not just assume the network as a support, a tool and even a universe of basic action with which it is essential to have as a cosustancial element to a Marketing strategy.

  • Companies are currently using digital tools -webs, blogs, wikis …- above all to provide services to the client.
  • Two thirds of companies use digital tools, in equal measure, for product development or online advertising.
  • In 2010, more than 50% of the companies surveyed expect to obtain a minimum of 10% of their sales through the Internet. Currently, that percentage stays at approximately 5%.
  • 11% of the investigated companies expect that, in 2010, their advertising budget will be invested mostly on the Internet.
  • Respondents consider that ads on the Internet are as useful for branding as for direct response.

The results of expectations move away, to a certain extent from what we find ourselves today, since most of the companies do not integrate their online Marketing activities with the offline ones. It seems, then, that the expectation and the willingness to change within the Internet Marketing is powerful enough so that everything can be altered significantly after a few years. Although perhaps these years should be only months, in view of the strong and burning reality that seems to push the most reticent experts towards the network, never better said.

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