How to Develop Content that Enamored Google

87% of the queries that users make on the internet do so using Google and its goal is to offer its users “the best and highest quality” of information they are looking for, Google rewards sites that offer that quality information, giving them the first positions in their search results.

A Google the relevant content and quality “crazy and are very appetizing” for which content is a very important part to develop on a website, in order to get more qualified visits. We must not forget that from Google more than 87% of searches for information on the network are made and that is where the greatest number of qualified visitors come from.

This is why it is very important to develop quality content, as original as possible, while more original, singular or innovative is the content that you develop, greater possibilities you will have to get viral links from other websites, that is, to achieve that by its originality or innovation, our contents are linked by other portals.
To get the most visits from Google, you must maximize the value of each web page of which your site is composed, above all you should focus on generating only top quality content and never, read it well, “never” use filling content, that’s why, whenever you develop contents, you have to discern and know how to separate the grain from the straw. our contents are linked by other portals.
How to fall in love with Google and generate quality content? You do not have to reinvent the wheel, you just have to follow certain steps that will help you get Google “pledged” of your content:
Make Your Website Friendly for Google Robots The navigation of your website should be simple for your visitors and for Google robots, so the easier and lighter it is, the better and more easily indexed the contents and the links that are in them by the spiders.
Relevant Contents Increase the quantity and quality of the contents of your website, for this you must write articles, or edit a newsletter that are directly related to your niche market (this guarantees that visitors who read your content are also possible potential customers interested in buying your product or services).
Novel Focus If you want to get other websites to link to you for free, you must generate fresh content. For this the content has to develop, you must try to do it as groundbreaking as possible, to achieve it you must change the way of approaching it, this will help you to make the result original or innovative.

Create a Demolition Holder A good headline depends on awakening the interest of your visitor to read your content, in addition the owner is precisely the information that will result in the search that the user makes through Google, determining whether it is relevant information or not for the user The owner must:

  • Catch the Interest: More than a sentence or ordinary holder your owner must “catch” and encourage your visitor to be read, so it should look more like an advertising slogan.
  • Descriptive and Brief: With an extension of 2 to 6 words. (more or less between 40 to 60 characters).
  • Simple: Must be clear, direct and simple to understand. Avoid as much as possible the use of complicated words or metaphors.

Do not duplicate the headlines Use different headlines for different pages, this will help your visitors in their searches and generate more visits

The Body of Content A very important part in the development of the body of the content is to take into account its legibility. Never write the entire text in CAPS: this is proven to make the reading 10% slower, because the brain has less ability to distinguish letters . On the other hand, using capital letters on the Internet means that you are shouting at your clients or prospects. Do not use background images, funds diminish the ability of the eyes to distinguish the letters and make their reading heavy, with which you run the risk that your Visitors lose interest and leave. I recommend only using 2 or three colors and 2 or 3 types of letters. But be careful with the color of the fonts, it is best to use black text on a white background or light text with a black background, although the latter makes your reading more dense for visitors. In any case, use colors that contrast the letters with the background. The way you see the text will make your visitors read your content better, you must take care that it looks CLEAR AND CLEAN.
Wake up the interest in continuing reading For this your content must make them very interesting and informative. But at the same time they should be easy to understand, use simple language, reduce as much as possible the use of metaphors and complicated language, but if you have to use terms that you think your visitors do not know, you should immediately explain their meaning.
Be a Professional Something very important that we must take into account when developing content and in general throughout your website is that you must take care that they do not have spelling errors, the spelling mistakes denotes carelessness and give an unprofessional image of your website, in addition It generates distrust in your clients or prospects. Write your content previously in a Word file, and always use the spell checker. That’s why it reviews, revises and revises to correct errors.
Outsource If you do not feel capable of writing relevant content for your market niche you will always have the possibility of hiring an expert or specialized companies to be responsible for developing them or if you prefer you can also publish content from other authors of your same target market in exchange not to modify them and put a link to your website and your credits as the original author.
Renew your Content If your web page is not updated periodically with new fresh, innovative and quality content for your visitors, there is no reason for them to return periodically to visit it since they have already seen what there is and they do not offer contents of their interest.
Conclusion More than 90% of the visits that the websites have come from the search engines and from these the search engine that generates the highest number of visits per day is Google, 87% of the queries made by users on the Internet do so using Google, and its goal is to give its users “the best and highest quality” of relevant content they are looking for. Discard the content of fill and focus on developing only content of the highest quality, and get Google to be “pledged” your content …
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