How important is the customer experience with your product?

Regardless of whether you have designed a phenomenal strategy, with creatives out of this world and have invested a lot of money in advertising, there is something that is not in your control. Do you know what it is?

The answer: The customer experience with your product.

And what is this experience? Well, everything that happens once the customer has said yes, has bought your product (whatever it is, even if we talk about your services) and has used them.

It is from there that everything happens. Your client will have the opportunity to confirm if:

  • The promise you made while you persisted in selling your product was true.
  •  What I had heard or read about your product was true.
  • Those comments were true that you read on your “Wall” of Facebook, which recommended your product widely.

And surely there will be many other things that your client will confirm, that do not come to mind, but the idea already exists. Imagine that between you and your client there is a line that separates them. While the customer is in your store buying, is on the line here. When he already bought the product and went home, he is on the line there.

No matter how much you want to influence him after he crosses the line and passes to the other side, you can not do it, or at least you can not do it in the same way.

The same goes for your marketing efforts: no matter how much you want to get closer to your client and make sure your experience with the product is phenomenal, you can not do it. The closest you can be is to stay by your side to be sure that any problem that arises, any doubt, any inconvenience, is properly resolved, so that your client feels satisfied with the product experience.

And still, the experience as such belongs to your client. He lives it, he feels it, it is unique, personal and very subjective.

Surely you’ll be saying, Wow, Joel, how funny! What do you want to say to me then, that there is nothing I can do to make that experience a positive one? ”

Well, no, of course not. What I want to say to you is that you have many things that you can do to make sure that you experience that positively. Make sure:

Your product does what you say, that is, sells the truth.

  • To have promised the right thing and not to have “oversold” anything.
  • There are immediate lines for your client to contact you in case of any inconvenience or doubt.
  • The client has immediate, quick and easy access to manuals, FAQ, demos, and any tool, of the many that exist, that can help him to have a positive experience with the product.

And beyond all this, make sure you are there personally if your client needs help. Not only in case it happens that you really need it, but also to share with you your gratitude and satisfaction in case you feel completely and totally pleased with the product and the service that you offer.

We all know that things may not go as we expected, that’s normal. However, receiving prompt, prompt and helpful assistance can alleviate any inconvenience and turn a potentially negative situation into a positive one.

And I mention it to you because it happened to me recently with a company that I hired for an application that I needed for my Facebook page. Like any new thing, at the beginning it gave me a couple of small problems, however, the technical service has been so attentive, cordial and helpful, that for me these problems have not existed at all and I would not hesitate to recommend you to do business with them.

That is the product experience that you must ensure for your customers. Do not you think?

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