Crucial aspects to encourage engagement

You know that a community is not reduced to one, a figure, but rather it is a set of users, with their own identity, who have a voice and vote; as well as absolute power to decide if they want to be by your side or not, follow your publications, recommend you to your contacts, or simply ignore and abandon you forever. Your management depends on whether your community is a paragon of activity or becomes an inhospitable desert. These are some of the most interesting aspects to keep in mind:

Start the conversation. Take the floor and raise a topic that encourages dialogue. The trick is to address the most active members of your community. Once your message is exposed, it launches an open question; Choose specifically those topics that you know from experience that will have the greatest impact, which will generate more comments.

Create a pleasant atmosphere, where the members of your community feel comfortable. It often provides interesting content, launches surveys to find out details about your interests and give them reasons to win your support: call competitions; inform them about news about your company or products and offer exclusive advantages for belonging to your community.

Identify the most active members and take care of their relationship. Mention them on Twitter; always contributing a relevant aspect of his person, either directly extracted from his biography, or related to that tweet or message that has aroused the interaction. You can also openly launch a question related to the content that caused the activity, or directly highlight their virtues or some aspect of their personality. If the members of your community feel that they are more than a number for you, that you really bother to meet them, they will continue to frequent your site, paying attention to your content, interacting with you and recommending in turn their particular actions.

Tighten the bonds between the members of your community. It favors the interaction between them. Recommend them together with resources such as Follow Friday, so they can get to know each other and establish a relationship. Highlight those elements in common that have a relationship with you, giving them on the one hand reasons to engage in conversation, and on the other, that it revolves around you.

Use tools to allow the integration of the members to your community and increase their level of activity. Implement widgets and content syndication tools on your website, as well as the option to register on your social profiles, and of course the possibility of joining the conversation from your own site.

Take care of your home page. It is the place where your users are going to stop, wherever they come from. Try to offer fresh content, keep it updated, have items that hook; in such a way that, once they arrive, they have reasons to stay, as well as tools to interact.

Move the activity out of your domains. If your content is attractive and you have managed to generate a certain degree of interactivity, take the opportunity and move it through social networks. You will expand your reach, as well as having the opportunity to get more people involved in the dialogue and thereby increase its impact. Remember to properly label your messages abroad and optimize them to reach your target audience.

Lengthens the life period of the conversation. Inform the participants when someone has responded to their comments, they will take sides again and the conversation will take on an increasingly interesting aspect.

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