Proactivity, a necessary value for the Community Manager?

How many times have we seen job offers in which, among the many requirements for a Community Manager, in addition to extensive and extensive experience, is asked to be proactive?

Do you really need a Community Manager to be proactive?

According to wikipedia, proactive people are those who take control of a situation and make things happen, and, unlike the reactive, are dedicated to those things with respect to which they can do something. Their energy is positive, thereby expanding their circle of influence.

If we take into account what is enunciated by the term “coiner” of the term, Viktor Frankl, we should think that companies take the term in the wrong sense, since for them, someone proactive is someone who does things without anyone telling them, who takes decisions and that works beyond their competencies.

Of course, a community manager must always maintain a positive attitude at all times and provide a certain “wenrollismo”, as Gaby Castellanos says, to the brand he represents, and, above all, to his audience, but, really this professional must be proactive, or would it be better if someone was reactive?

To what extent does this professional need proactivity?

We must think about the tasks he does every day: he dynamizes social networks, updates profiles, writes posts, monitors to avoid possible reputation fires and gives the alarm when necessary, but, at no time, he must make decisions about what do or how to do it, simply follow the guidelines laid down by the Social Media Strategist or, where appropriate, by the person responsible for the area of ​​Social Networks, which is usually framed within the marketing department.

The proactivity of the Community Manager would be more than justified if in his daily task he was obliged to make certain decisions, but the truth is that he is just another pawn, however, fundamental when establishing a strategy and interacting with the community, but a pawn at the end and after the King or the Lady, let’s say, the executor arm.

Obviously, proactivity and energy never go beyond a professional, and if it has these characteristics, surely the company will benefit from them with the contributions of the worker, but proactivity may not be so necessary, and, simply be a term that has become fashionable but not decisive when choosing the best Community Manager for our company.

What do you think, to what extent is proactivity necessary for the Community Manager within a company?

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