Content Marketing or how to attract the customer without intention of direct selling

During the last few years, new concepts and approaches to the market have arrived. These are tools that marketing professionals use to increase brand awareness and trust in consumers by positioning themselves as experts in the field. They should be integrated as part of the strategy of any company, and therefore as part of the Marketing and Communication Plan.

The data can help us to draw the stage about the importance of this type of strategies. In this sense, more than 79% of companies that use content marketing strategies increase the visibility of their brand. More than 70% of users and consumers prefer to find out about companies because of the content they generate than the advertising they broadcast and more than 65% of twitter users say they are more likely to buy the products of those brands that actively follow In the social network.

Content Marketing or how to attract the customer without intention of direct sellingThe increase of visits to web pages of companies that have a blog is estimated at 55%, being those companies that have the most links to your site and getting customers through it. But that is not all. 90% of the companies that feed daily content through their blogs have got customers thanks to it.

One of these tools is Content Marketing and through which we can contribute value to the user who receives them (for their quality and utility), positioning the company that issues them as a referent or expert in the market in which it operates and facilitating The approach of the users to the brand, which with the appropriate strategy, tends to the achievement for the company of the marked objectives. Basically it seeks to “generate attraction” of customers to the brand without an intention to direct sales, but as a result of user-brand relationship.

Content marketing is understood as part of the online strategy of the company or brand, that is, included within the Online Marketing Plan.

We are in a time of unprecedented growth and online growth, and it is in this time of innovation that the need to generate and find quality content arises. Beyond the publication of information of interest to users and the “conversion” of potential customers to the core values of the brand, is the experience of sharing information, and this is where quality content achieves the objectives set by The company due to the great potential and the quality of the diffusion of the social networks and blogs and to the virality of the information; This concept is called Inbound Marketing.

It is very easy to fall into errors when planning the content and information that we generate as a company. The most important thing is to be clear about who we want to reach, and therefore determine what matters to our target audience , we must therefore devote the time necessary to understand the market we headed analyzing consumers, their buying habits and Consumption, interests, way of acting and fundamentally the contents generated by competing brands.

We do not forget that our potential recipients (the consumers of our product or service), are becoming more adept at finding information (especially online), so part of the strategy should be aimed at facilitating find us, and either through those concrete terms to help us position our information, and through specific locations where our target look.

The type of content that we provide, should be adequate to meet the needs of those who are going. It is very easy to fall into the temptation to target information to tell what “great we are and how well we do things , ” and that’s fine if what we sell is our personal brand, but when we want to sell our products or Services, what interests us is to integrate them into the information that we release to the market in a coherent and non-intrusive way, so that the product or service itself is the solution to the issue being dealt with, and always in those forums that perceive it as one benefit .

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