Online videos have become the most powerful weapon for brands

The moving image conquers the users, who enjoy consuming videos and sharing them in social networks. In 2012 we consumed 3,000 hours of video, a figure that we have doubled this year. Faced with this new trend, 73% of marketers have launched to increase their investment in this medium, according to AOL, a pinch that have stolen the television. The figures do not lie.

  • YouTube is the main video platform, with more than 150 million unique visits per month.
  • Each minute 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube, a platform that already has more users in the United States than cable television.
  • Facebook is the social network whose online video audience has most grown in the last 10 months. ComScore states that alone in April of this year 63 million users in the United States had seen a video on Facebook.
  • It is estimated that Vine’s 20 million users share one million videos a day.

The social video succeeds. Business Insider says that a lot of the videos are discovered thanks to social platforms such as YouTube or Facebook, as well as new mobile video applications such as Vine or Instabram.

Online videos have become the most powerful weapon for brandsDuring the first 24 hours following the launch of the new video service, Instagram uploaded no less than 5 million videos. It should be noted that both this platform and Vine only accept newly created videos, it is not possible to share movies already stored on the mobile.

How does this audiovisual behavior benefit trademarks?

According to data collected in the work of Invodo, the content made on online videos, increase confidence and reinforce the intention to buy. It is a very attractive way to consume information. One in three customers watches videos on the product page, or where they find them, while looking for information about the product that interests them.

It is a highly viralizable content. 41% of customers are more willing to share product videos than any other piece of content.

But still, even advertising on TV shows is more effective when you go online. According to Nielsen, ads seen during the online screening of a television show receive a 39% higher overall recall rate, 85% more brand awareness and 100% more recall of the message.

The big bet of the marks

Advertisers and brands invest in videos because of their high social component. Online video advertising in the United States alone exceeds 13.2 billion visits per month. EMarketer also indicates that 87% of the brands in the United States also bet on videomarketing within its content strategy. 58% generate webcasts and webinars.

Online videos have become the brand’s most powerful weapon. The top 500 YouTube brands receive 884,000 monthly visits, with 35,000 subscribers. It is estimated that each video receives some 98,000 hits, and these figures could still grow more. These big brands have more than 200,000 followers on Twitter and 2.6 million fans on Facebook.

Keys to developing a videomarketing strategy

  • Show your new product collection. You can use the product’s own photo session to create audiovisual material. From recording the “how it was done” to creating an animation from the images obtained. Add a little imagination and sure you get very ingenious creations.
  • Create explanatory videos about the operation of the product. The main content that users are looking for through mobile devices is product information. You will get an advantage over your competition if you offer information in this format.
  • Launches promotions and offers. A picture is worth a thousand words, if it is dynamic, the better. Use audiovisual language to connect with your customers. If you also have a fun component, you will achieve a greater penetration of the message. Hang it on your website and spread it through social networks.
  • Create contests. It’s always fun to create a video. Encourage your clients to create their own, in the home version, and upload it to the web. Once there they should reap vows and comments. The most popular ones will be made with interesting prizes. It is a nice way to get content and virality in the network.
  • Commemorate anniversaries or designated dates for the company, promote your events. A company is not only an entity that provides goods or services to society; Is also a corporation, which has a track record and has a business philosophy; A set of experiences and values that are what differentiate it from the rest. It is important to convey these values, looking for the right moment, creating a favorable environment for the brand.
  • Uncover the backstage. It shows how the company is inside, the production area, the facilities and even conducts interviews with department heads and employees. Let them see that behind your mark there is a human team, a community where people of flesh and blood, with their own personality and feelings.
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