Community Manager A job for experts or beginners?

Lately many job ads are asking for Community Manager, one of the most ‘professions’ in vogue considering the rise of social networks when it comes to spreading, seducing and convincing audiences about a particular product or brand. But in a large percentage, what is being asked for this position are ‘students’ of communication careers, journalism or advertising, as if it were a minor job or a non-professional job.

It is not being harangued that students should not venture into the world of work, but it is noted that those who bid do not control or understand much of the subject: the position of Community Manager is not a minor area within the marketing department of a company . Their responsibility and effectiveness is becoming more important as social networks and the online world concentrate more and more audience and possible clientele, the two items that everyone tries to reach depending on their strategy.

Then, asking that the work be done by students speaks clearly of the little knowledge that the higher lines have in the power of decision. A CM (Responsible or Community Manager) must create, analyze, understand and direct the information produced for social networks, in addition to monitoring actions and creating digital communication strategies, nothing less. Is a student capable of doing all this work? There may be cases in which yes, but it is not enough to be a ‘fan of social networks’ (as you can read in many job ads) to perform it.

Currently there are hundreds of courses on CM, taking advantage of the popularity that took this new profession (we can call it that) that mixes elements of journalism (it is essential to write to perfection) and marketing (you have to know how to create content and promotional actions to achieve the attention of a scattered and fragmented audience). It is not enough to dig all day on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest to ‘work CM’, more than anything because there is something that few have and that is essential: common sense. And more: you have to know how to read between the lines, listen, learn and converse.

All the time, reports and notes on Community Managers are published, but the best is the practice, since there is no science or proven formulas: in the essay, test, error and perseverance is the key for a CM’s work to be successful and recognized.

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