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Offers and discounts, the key to conquer women in social networks

Women continue to brands on social networks especially looking for deals and discounts. A behavior that stand out above the opposite gender, whose interests are more diverse, according to the latest data published by Disruptive Communications in the

Small businesses in social networks can also be different and better than larger

The online marketing and social media have become indispensable tools also for small businesses. These companies are able to reach their target audience through their actions on social networks, or a relevant campaign e-mail marketing. Without the imperative

Social networks serve not to sell but to convince

Social networks are not a means of selling online, but a channel where the brand can come and conquer the consumer on the basis of proposals and actions that grab your attention and motivate you to want

6 effective tips to promote your blog on social networks

In case you’re a little more experienced or first-time blogger, your blog needs to be manual sconces personalized “good practice” in social networks. Have within your reach many interesting channels depending on the type of content you’re