Offers and discounts, the key to conquer women in social networks

Women continue to brands on social networks especially looking for deals and discounts. A behavior that stand out above the opposite gender, whose interests are more diverse, according to the latest data published by Disruptive Communications in the UK.

44.5% of women begins to follow a brand on social networks motivated by offers and discounts, versus 36.5% of men. Not surprisingly, the women are mainly responsible for household purchases, and safeguard their interests.

Offers and discounts, the key to conquer women in social networksBut the woman not only has economic interests in Social Media, but also bet on those brands that offer content based on the leisure and entertainment (25.6%), along with practical information and news about brands and products ( 11.7%).

As for men, the study indicates Disruptive your preferences are more divided. It should be noted that discounts and promotions are your main hook, although to a lesser extent than in the case of women (36.5% vs 44.5%), while also seduce entertainment content 22.6%. The data show a greater interest from men to know when new products and keep up brands (16.9%), while also felt more attracted to useful information and content provided by brands ( 15.7%).

On the other hand, men pay slightly more attention than women to the fact that brands will offer the ability to connect with them through social networks. For 8.3% of men, this is a good reason to start to follow a brand, while only 6.7% of women feel the same.

The female presence is evident not only in social networks, but throughout the online medium. The study published in November by Ipsos OTX Ipsos Global advisor together with evidence that women use more searchers than men (84% vs 81%), visiting more e-retailers (68% vs 62%) and of course frequent greater extent social networks (71% vs 51%). Meanwhile, the male became more evident in the consumption of audiovisual content portals such as YouTube (46% vs 38%) or news sites and general information (45% vs 35%).

Therefore, brands have to launch the conquest of women in the online environment through developing specific strategies tailored according to their interests, preferences and habits of online behavior.

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