What should buyers really look for when viewing properties?

Buying a house is a big deal and for most people is the single biggest purchase they will ever make. This is why it pays to look at a house like a professional. Save yourself from a nightmare money pit and ensure you pick your dream home by using a reputable and long-established agent, such as Bath Estate Agent Pritchards http://www.pritchards-bath.co.uk/   Here are some other helpful pointers.

  • Find out about the neighbourhood first, especially if it’s unfamiliar. Do you have young children who will need good schools, are there shops and amenities within easy distance and will it be convenient to travel to and from? It might be your dream home but if there is nothing nearby and you don’t drive then you may want to think again.
  • If the décor is in poor condition or outdated, will you need to factor in the cost of a complete overhaul? Look at the carpets as these might need replacing too.
  • Check the walls for damp and even check behind furniture in case of sneaky attempts to cover up problem walls.
  • Take a look at the ceilings for any flaking paint, peeling wallpaper or water stains that might indicate an issue with damp or leaking.
  • Check the signal on your mobile phone. Most people forget to do this and suffer disappointment early on when they realise the home they just moved into is in a poor signal area.

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  • Similarly, if broadband speed is important to you and your family, be sure to ask about connections and speeds.
  • Try to find out what the neighbours are like if you can. Nobody wants neighbours from hell so if you discover that neighbourly issues are the reason for the sale, you could save yourself a lot of stress by walking away.
  • Always take a tape measure. If you have a beloved piece of furniture, knowing that it fits before you buy can save much heartache later on if you realise you can’t get it into the living room or up the stairs!
  • What is the parking situation like? Return in the evening to get a realistic picture of what the street is like when everyone is home for the day. Are there any parking restrictions or permits required?
  • If security is a concern for you then visit the police website and enter the property’s postcode for detailed information about crime in that area. You’ll see what types of crime occur and how they are dealt with in that area.

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  • It’s a good idea to visit a property at different times of the day so you can see how busy the road is, if it becomes a ‘rat run’ during rush hour and school times and whether the traffic noise will cause you issues.
  • Be sure to find out about whether the electrics are in good order and if there are plenty of sockets for your needs. The age and condition of the boiler should be checked and when the boiler was last serviced. Are there enough radiators for you or will they need updating?
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