The Requirements To Buy A McLaren

Such is the halo of exclusivity that surrounds our most beloved super sportsmen in high performance, that this great unknown process of purchase would keep more similarities with the membership of a large family, than the relationship between brand and customer to which we are accustomed habitually.

Could we buy a McLaren P1 if we play with millions tomorrow? As you can imagine, the process is longer and more laborious, but much more rewarding, than approaching your nearest dealership and ordering a “take away” sports car, like the one who orders dinner at a fast food establishment. There are so few units that will be manufactured from each one of them that the brand will want to meet you, make sure you are one of their customers and, therefore, deserve the opportunity to take your garage a bit of its history.

The Requirements To Buy A Mclaren

We know for sure that several customers are already waiting for the arrival of their brand new sports. Which means that any day when you leave home, you could find yourself with a million dollar sports car rolling as if it were any other utility.

In the case of the McLaren P1, the first step a customer should take would be to contact their nearest McLaren dealer; you can search online like “McLaren Miami”. However, as these machines are so exclusive and limited, the application cannot be addressed directly by the distributor but by the brand itself. The distributor will be a mere intermediary. The next step, once we have formalized the application, will be to deliver to McLaren a succulent deposit of five zeros that gives us the peace of mind that we have passed the first hurdle to get our precious machine. If we have the money, we have practically guaranteed the possibility of making the reservation immediately.

Although McLaren does not impose strict conditions of fidelity to the brand, that is, having previously acquired one of its sports, it is more than evident that those who buy a McLaren P1 will have owned an MP4 -12C.

Thanks to the dealer Fort Lauderdale Collection, the exclusive distributor of McLaren in Florida. It is the authentic dealer of McLaren, where you will find both McLaren new and McLaren used cars.

The Requirements To Buy A Mclaren

If your choice is the McLaren P1, forget about thousands of options and invest a bundle in extras. McLaren says there is a “reasonable” spectrum of colors and interior finishes for your sports car, including visible inserts of carbon fiber in the passenger compartment. There will be certain details that we can customize, but in the end, one of the few important decisions we will have to make will be whether or not to buy the custom suitcase – designed to optimize the P1 cargo space – which McLaren Automotive officially distributes.

Dreaming is free, nothing to do with the exorbitant cost of these sports. It is the price to pay for technology and exclusivity. That’s why right now I know what the protagonists of our dreams will be, did you doubt it?

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