What benefits can companies get from content marketing?

Although advertising is still used today, however, customers are demanding more than just a product or service. 70% of consumers recognize that they prefer to know a brand for their corporate blog rather than advertising. This change of mentality has forced companies to find new ways to communicate with consumers and try to position themselves as a reference, within their main activity, through information. Thus, content marketing stands as a vital practice for companies.

The impact that content marketing has on sales results can be measured with ROI, and in addition, the more interesting and complete the content a company provides to its users, the higher the ROI.

A report by Econsultancy and Adobe on digital trends for 2013, clearly shows that, for digital marketing specialists, content marketing is essential. They consider it as a priority that for 39% of them will be the main objective of online marketing in 2013. In addition to marketing content, the CRO (Optimization of conversion rate) stands as another high priority for 2013, so Which we can deduce that this year companies should focus on producing content that arouses the interest of its users to consolidate their position within the market in which they are specialized.

What benefits can companies get from content marketing?

A highly qualified and more numerous audience.

For more than 62% of specialized marketing executives, content background are those with the best ROI.  The importance of content marketing is confirmed clearly if we consider that companies have a blog receive on average 55% more visitors. The more interesting, precise and specialized a content is, the more numerous and qualified readers will be interested in this content.

Customer Loyalty

If companies strive to deliver relevant content that catches the attention of visitors, it is quite possible that those visitors end up becoming customers. It is clear that a potential customer will value positively that the key information on the website is clear and easily accessible. Thanks to content that tries to attract the reader rather than selling a product or service through an advertising slogan, a relationship of trust is established that will have a direct impact on sales. The customer loyalty to a brand increases by 60% of cases once they have been able to read the contents of a business shows on its website. And not only that,

Unite essential practice to improve SEO

It is not something new that the content is considered vital by SEO specialists and the truth is that the figures are quite clear about it. The websites that publish articles on their blogs regularly have on average  434% more indexed pages and 97% more indexed bonds, compared to other pages. These websites are more visited because they offer more resources and information of interest to the visitors, so the search engines position them higher and more frequently in the results.

But what is the cost of content marketing?

Content marketing has often been regarded as a mere free alternative to advertising. It is true that content marketing is more affordable for companies in terms of budget but does not have a zero cost. In the case that the contents are produced within the company, the quality of the same imposes that several people have to perform them, to review them, etc. To this is added the price of certain sources of information and the dissemination of the contents, in most cases, not to obtain a satisfactory result. Companies should not hesitate to hire external services professionals writing to perform these contents, the benefits are obvious.

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