A satisfied customer will be the best ambassador of your brand

Social networks are not another channel of communication, they are the means to effectively reach consumers. The way in which the brand communicates with its audience does not correspond to the traditional canons, where it is the one who issues the message, waiting for the recipient to act accordingly. Media 2.0 has imposed a new way of acting, where customers also have voice and vote, and use social networks to make themselves heard, to express their concerns and to go directly to the brand.

A satisfied customer will be the best ambassador of your brandFor this reason, the company must be prepared to play its role, and be up to the occasion. In this way, it is necessary to change his perspective on the way in which he communicates with his audience, just as he must ask who should act as interlocutor:

The staff of your company must be your main asset

Your employees are the image of your company, they represent it both inside and outside your borders. Every action and every response reflects the personality of your brand. In this new scenario, each and every one of the members of the company have the capacity to communicate, to contribute value and to attend to the requests of the clients. That is why it is important for the company to openly recognize this role, to entrust it with this power, to enable it to do so and to use the appropriate tools for such purposes.

Be a person, and act as such.

In this age it is not so important to have many followers, like knowing a lot of them. For this reason, establish your actions in terms of concrete profiles, not vague generalities. Once again, it is the customers who take the floor, take this opportunity to approach them and gain their trust.

The users demand a service of effective attention to the client, that attends its requests through the social networks. It also has qualified personnel, who really know the brand and its product. Social networks are a powerful way to create engagement with the client, to establish another type of conversation, to create a relationship beyond mere transactional exchange. In this way you will have more possibilities to keep the customer loyal and to keep him / her by his side.

Get advocates

A satisfied customer will be the best ambassador of your brand. You do not have to pay him, or tell him what he has to say, he comes from inside, naturally. According to Temkin, more than half of consumers choose brands that ensure a positive customer experience, and 85% of consumers are willing to pay more if they get a better service.

Do not wait for them to claim your attention, take care that your service exceeds their expectations, give them more than they expect, in this way they will feel pleasantly pleased, and will soon talk about the benefits of your brand.

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