Signs that you’re being let down by your cleaning company

If you’re not happy with your current office cleaning service, don’t waste your money any further and find a cleaning you’re happy with. You’ve hired a cleaning service because you want your office in top condition, hygienic and looking great for clients and staff alike. You want cleaners who don’t cut corners. How can you tell if your current cleaners are not up to the job? Here are some tell-tale signs:

You don’t often see the cleaners at work

It’s normal not to see much of the cleaning crew as they normally clean before or after employees are present in the office. As a business owner or manager though, you probably spend longer hours at the office, so you should expect to see them as regular times. If they become so elusive that you don’t see them as often as you’d expect, then they clearly aren’t devoting adequate time to cleaning your premises.

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The dust bunnies are growing in size

Carpets usually hide dust and dirt pretty well, but hard surfaces will give the game away. Offices have high footfall, so dust and grime will build-up quickly on desks, along walls and in room corners. Other signs include seeing things on the carpet that shouldn’t be there, including paper clips, shreds of paper or staples. This means vacuuming is not being done regularly enough. Why not speak to a trusted Cheltenham Office Cleaning company like Into Cleaning?

Dirty Glass

Glossy surfaces like metal and glass show up streaks and dirt more clearly than other surfaces. When the sun comes out and lights up these areas, the dust and oily marks really show up. This isn’t what you want potential clients or customers seeing as they enter your office. Keep an eye on the condition of glossy surfaces like tiles, windows and metallic furniture to check they are being properly cleaned regularly.

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Dust accumulating in hard-to-reach places

An easy to tell if cleaning is being neglected is to run your hand along areas like railings, awkward fixtures, the tops of cabinets and shelving. If there is a thick layer of dust, then you know corners are being cut. Dust build-ups can affect people’s allergies and worsen the air quality inside a workplace, so it needs to be taken seriously.

Bins are still full

Everyday the bins should be emptied, and new liners placed inside. If you find bin liners are dirty and messy, then chances are the bins are emptied but liners not replaced. Worse still is to find your bins still full, from the previous day. Bins should be emptied regularly, with liners replaced when required.

Any of the signs above can indicate that your cleaning company are not providing the level of service you’d expect. Speak to them about the issues, but don’t hesitate to find a hard-working cleaning company who will be happy to take on the job of cleaning for your business.

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