Basis of all round Management

To achieve the specific goals, managers of banks must be efficient. That is the accuracy of decision making must be ensured in order to reach the goals by focusing on the past, present, and future. This requires appropriate knowledge and personality. Appropriate knowledge is enhanced in the light of relevant education, training, and experience. That’s why philosopher Socrates emphasizes gathering of knowledge “Know thyself”. But, according to Einstein, only knowledge is not sufficient for success rather imaginative capacity is also highly required. A bank manager must focus on earning an appropriate profit for the shareholders. He /she cannot overlook the interest of the stakeholders. Efficient bank managers take every decision in the context op present and future potentiality. It must be remembered that there are no alternatives for achieving bank’s success without efficient and quality service.

It must be mentioned that businessmen are not the only customers of banks in the society. Other service related people are either depositor or borrower or both. On the other hand, there are different types of business customers. Some are producers, some are sellers, and some are customers. These businessmen are the owners of big, medium or small business house. The bank manager should keep good relation with very kind of customers to perform a transaction for success. Moe successful bank manager must keep positive relationships with every customer. In order to build stable good relation, the bank manager should know some useful information about his/her client, if not all but something of everything.

Management of bank Environment

According to the dictionary, ‘Environment’ means the surrounding conditions of any person, institutions or objects. These surroundings may influence those persons, institutions or objects in different ways such as economic, social, political, cultural, technological, etc. finding relationship between business and environment, famous economist “Kotler” “business environment means such type of surrounding situation or influencing power that influences activates operations and decisions of an organization. From the definition of kotler, it is clear that whole social and economic activities are influenced by the environment and there is nothing beyond the control of the environment. In this way, the success or failure of a business is largely influenced by the environment. The bank is a special type of business organization. Bank collects money from a group of people as deposits and lends those to another group of people for profit. When the environment is not favorable, shortage of deposit, as well as investment, are felt. Though performance or activities of all businesses are influenced by environment, for banks, environmental changes are very sensitive. So the banker needs to be always careful to have a look at the environmental changes (positive or negative) in order to undertake the right course of action.

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