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Customers are important to any business and keeping them happy can sometimes seem like a full-time job. In some instances it is definitely true that the customer is not always right. On way to help ensure that your staff are mindful of the role that they play in helping keep your customers returning each time with a smile is to make sure that you undertake some training in this area.

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Body language is key in dealing with customers. They need to feel like they are being listened to and that their concerns are being taken seriously. There is nothing worse than talking to someone about something that you are either upset or angry about and having the feeling that they either aren’t listening to a word you say or they  aren’t taking your concerns serious. What might seem trivial to one person can seem like a massive issue to another. Companies that operate in areas such as Belfast Dermal Lip Fillers company https://www.glamskinclinic.com/dermal-lip-fillers see first hand the impact that customer service has.

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Here are some tips if you work in the retail sector on how you can maintain a positive customer relationship: 

  1. Always smile when you greet a customer and sometimes even smiling whilst you are talking to a customer on the phone can have a positive impact on the way you come across.
  2. Be proactive and ask the customer how you can help them rather than let them come to find you. This way they will already feel like you are interested in what they are doing rather than being too busy stacking a shelf yourself.
  3. Stay visible and available. This is particularly important if you have afront facing role such as a receptionist or front of house staff. Customers can be particularly put off if they have to spend time search for the member of staff they need.
  4. Put yourself in their shoes – this may be an old saying but it is very true. It is important that you really listen to what the customer has to say and if possible watch their body language so you can gauge how they are actually feeling.
  5. Don’t leave a customer standing in front of you waiting if the telephone rings. The customer in front of you takes priority.
  6. If you don’t know the answer, offer to find out and make sure that you follow up on this
  7. If a customer wants something that isn’t on display, try to find it for them
  8. Call for backup support as soon as queues start forming or better still if you can see that they are about to form

So there are few tips for you to help with keeping your customers happy.


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