The ultimate pleasure and pure Joy that comes from simply reading a great book.

Did you know that there are over twenty different types of books?  From Fiction, to Biographies, from Fantasy, to Poetry, from Travel Literature to Graphic Novels, there is a book to suit all ages, genders, and abilities.  Books are a lot more useful than most people think, diaries, to keep records of birthdays, appointments, and holidays etc, address books, to send cards and presents to friends and family to the correct places.  Financial records are often kept in books and ledgers and if you are self-employed all your income and outgoings are kept safely in one, ready to declare your yearly tax figures. From North to South, and East to West, companies that specialise in keeping these secure records are held in high regard.  Just like Swindon Bookkeepers, Birmingham Accountants, or London Financial Advisors, the books that these companies decipher are another company’s bread and butter.

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Even before we are born, we are often exposed to books and reading, when our parents read out loud to us in the womb.  It has been proven by qualified Paediatricians that babies who have stories read to them before birth are likely to be more intelligent.  Children love to sit and look at picture books with bright illustrations and this is often how they first learn to read words. As they get a little older, children often enjoy looking at comics and graphic novels. An industry that is booming now, whereas not that long ago comics were considered cheap entertainment.  Children’s fiction is a massive part of the book market and authors such as Roald Dahl, J.K.Rowling, Jaqueline Wilson and David Walliams are capturing the hearts and minds of this younger generation with their amazing tales.

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As children get older and progress through school, college and maybe go onto university, they will need plenty of time to study and then reference books will be top of their to read list. Once all the studying is completed the young person can then return to reading for pleasure and you will often find them tucked up on a comfy chair listening to music while reading the latest chapter of the book that they just can’t put down.  Of course, we haven’t even mentioned quiz books, crosswords, word searches, sudoku puzzles and so many other types of brain straining activity books. There is a book out on the shelf somewhere to keep everybody happy, you just have to look.




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