Finding your new forever home is right at your fingertips

Are you at that stage in your life when you are looking to purchase your forever home?  Maybe you’re an older couple nearing retirement or a young family creaking at the seams of a house that’s way too small for your growing needs.  If you need to think about taking on a further mortgage or need any financial assistance to complete your purchase, then speak to your bank or a reputable mortgage company before going any further.  This is so you have finances in place should you find the perfect property.   If you are looking for a new home the best place to start your search is online.  With companies like Rightmove, Zoopla, and On The Market, all promoting thousands of houses and properties for sale in your area and further afield you would be wise to start your quest with any or all of these internet giants.  It is the job of a professional SEO Agency Belfast such as to get the estate agents and their houses to the top of the Google ladder so you as a potential buyer might end up purchasing a house from them.

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Your search could take months to complete so why not get your details on to the lists of customers looking to buy that most Estate Agents keep?  So that as soon as a new property with the right criteria comes onto the market, they will notify you.  Once you have found the ideal property make sure you go and view it at least twice at different times of the day and night. Only then should you put in an offer. You should have a solicitor in place to handle all the legal details and a trusted surveyor waiting to go and thoroughly inspect the property to make sure there are no major building issues such as subsidence!

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If you are lucky enough to get the all clear, the property has passed all the stringent tests and your offer is accepted then the next stage of the purchase can get underway. The solicitors will now need to complete their work and while that is underway you get to pack up everything you want to take with you and look online for professional movers. If you are selling your current property at the same time this will all be handled by the same solicitors and estate agents you have been previously using.


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