Zanox launches a revolutionary marketplace to boost online advertising based on results

At the dmexco 2011 fair that starts today – zanox, Europe’s leading results-based advertising network, has announced the first European marketplace for results-based advertising, the “zanox marketplace.” Zanox’s marketplace combines a completely renewed design, with a multitude of new functions, offering efficient and transparent cooperation and direct communication between advertisers, media and agencies.

With this new advance, zanox provides the more than 3,800 advertisers of the zanox network with a new type of platform for online advertising based on results both nationally and internationally. This new generation of results-based advertising opens up new sales channels and business opportunities on the Internet for all market participants. With the market launch scheduled for the 4th quarter of 2011, the zanox marketplace will become the focus and main homepage of the zanox results-based advertising network in 12 European countries and in six languages.

The zanox Advertiser Survey 2011 highlights the general trend

“Currently, companies ask their marketing managers absolute transparency, cost control and efficiency samples of all measures of Internet marketing.” For this reason, advertisers are allocating an increasing part of their online marketing budgets towards online advertising based on results reducing classic brand advertising operations, “says Philipp Justus, CEO of zanox.

This desire of the advertisers to move towards a greater orientation to sales, to payment based on results and total transparency is reflected in the “Survey on advertisers 2011” carried out by zanox, through personal interviews with online marketing directors of More than 60 advertising companies from a wide range of sectors, a survey on online advertising budgets was conducted, with almost three quarters of respondents saying that their company would reinforce the use of results-based advertising in relation to the use of advertising. Branding channel in the next 12 months.

This new orientation of the budgets towards the demand for advertising based on results requires a constant development of technical platforms of all market participants. With the zanox marketplace, zanox is the first European network that responds to new challenges and thus expands its leadership position in Europe, even beyond: “zanox marketplace represents the logical continuation of our company philosophy, Straight to Performance , and it is a milestone for results-based advertising in Europe “, explains Justus.

Benefits for advertisers, media and agencies

Soon, advertising companies, website operators and agencies involved in the online world will benefit from a large number of new features and integrated options in the zanox marketplace that will increase the efficiency of their results-based business model and consequence of your direct income.

Advertisers can guide their online sales by conducting their own search for suitable means, for example, from a specific sector or for a preferred business model or showing the potential for cooperation on the basis of AdRanks. Advertisers, through the direct contact function, can invite the media that wish to participate directly in the program. At the same time, advertisers have the opportunity to present themselves in an attractive way, with their own programs and all the terms of the corresponding program.

Thanks to the zanox marketplace, the media can be presented to advertisers with a complete profile. In addition, they can run a search for specific programs throughout the network and select them according to their preferred performance data, such as eCPC, AdRank, conversion rate, confirmation or commission payment.

The agencies manage their clients’ programs in a simple and secure way, with only one registration to the zanox marketplace, which allows them to benefit from improved efficiency in administration and reporting of the different programs.

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