Users are looking for brands that talk and are honest with them

Social Media has ended the traditional business model of traditional brands, preventing them from hiding behind their logos to act. Nowadays, users can share their experiences with brands, both good and bad, thanks to the Social Networks, being visible almost instantly by thousands, millions of people, according to the channel that we use to visualizer them.

Consumers no longer trust a brand that makes an advertising campaign with lots of glitter and neon lights, in those brands that are based on ads, but, on the contrary, the users look for brands that talk, which are capable to maintain a close and sincere relationship with them. What they want is a brand that speaks to you from you to you.

It is a fact that the users are the ones who choose the brands, and not the other way around. Those times passed.

According to a study by Burst Media, there are multiple reasons why a user talks and follows a brand. Thus, the majority of women follow, 45%, to brands to be continuously aware of any novelty, percentage that in men is 31%.

On the other hand, 42% of women with children use Social Media to share content with their families and friends, a reason that in women without children reaches 41% and in men to 26%, while 29% % of men and 27% of women use Social Media as a channel to share experiences and opinions.

However, the percentages decrease considerably when it comes to interacting with those responsible for the pages, for which 17% of women use it and in the case of men, the percentage is 19%.

According to ClickFox data, the most loyal brands among consumers in the United States are, with 57%, food and beverage brands, followed closely by technology providers and technology devices, with 51%.

Regarding the influence of brands on consumers, a study by IpsosOTX and Ipsos Global shows that 18% of US consumers say they would buy a branded product for the simple fact that a friend follows it on social networks , of which 18% are women and 17% are men.

This study also reveals that the age factor is also relevant, since users under 35 are more likely to be influenced by the activity of their friends and acquaintances in social networks, while those over 50 do not base their decisions in this factor.

Consumers connect to Social Media for many reasons, while for the brand there is only one to be in Social Networks, reach the customer.

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