Do we really need to do content marketing?

Content marketing has meant a new way of communicating, of transmitting information. The online medium implies a great diversity of channels and media platforms, based on several types of formats, such as videos, articles, infographics, apps? This entails attracting a greater audience with respect to traditional channels, as well as the possibility of segmenting, analyzing and measuring.

In this new media landscape, two-way communication takes place,which offers the possibility of interacting with the message, which gives way to a greater speed in the transmission of the same, as well as the promotion of its virality. Here social networks play an important role, their use is essential to create effective channels of communication, which allow to enhance and expand the impact of the message.

Users demand a lot of information, the content is king, while the context is the queen. It is essential to have an effective content strategy, designed based on a previous study of the audience, in order to detect their interests and be able to generate quality content, aimed at satisfying those concerns, adjusted to their preferences.

Content marketing is already a priority for companies, with 78% of them already investing in the creation of quality content; in fact, companies are increasingly allocating more resources to content generation, to the detriment of conventional advertising. This practice has already given the first positive results, 72% of companies that develop a content strategy has managed to increase their visibility, which has resulted in an increase in their turnover.

Do we really need to do content marketing?

The answer is yes, emphatically. In the two-point era, not practicing content marketing is like being silent before a conversation, not participating at any time, nor trying to draw the attention of those present with some interesting input. Our presence will go unnoticed. Neither is talking about talking, for the mere fact of saying something, but to bring value, be creative and dazzle the user with our content. In this way we can attract more audience and promote engagement, thus gaining new leas and even prescriptors for the brand; besides gaining relevance for our content and greater notoriety notoriety for the company.

Many companies do not achieve the expected results, their main defect is that they do not have an adequate content strategy, their actions do not serve a clearly defined objective. Some of them still act as if they were traditional communication actions, with a marked commercial purpose. Social Media is not a place to sell, but to relate; where the main merchandise is the high-value content, so attractive that it invites to be shared and vitalization, thus impacting on a positive attitude toward the brand.

The success lies in designing a strategy that meets the needs of the target audience, developed over time based on quality content; without hurry but without pause, adjusting the periods of publication, analyzing the statistics and reorienting the strategy in function of the obtained results. What is the content strategy of your company based on? What aspects would you highlight?

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