The UCE warns of the advertising and promotions of portability the mobile operators

The publicity and promotions of the telephone companies are still in the spotlight.¬†This has been pointed out by the Consumers Union of Extremadura (UCE) who warns of the “deceptive” publicity that this type of companies carry out.

The UCE, states that the promotions and offers of portability of lines of these companies “hide valuable information” and determining when consumers can make an appropriate decision when changing or migrating from company.

Portabilities are one of the areas in which these telecommunications operators devote more efforts to attract customers of competing companies and companies, so they “do not hesitate” to contact these customers to offer discounts and advantages.¬†However, the problems appear when the users themselves accept the new conditions as it is “impossible” to get written confirmation of them and therefore the impossibility of claiming against a breach of the benefits or terms agreed.

However, this does not imply nor does it mean that the verbal contract concluded by telephone “is not valid”, but that “without a support” in which the conditions of the agreement are set, it will be “impossible” to demonstrate or claim them, so that , UCE recommends recording conversations with operators

The Consumers Union also affirms that mobile phones “do not give themselves away” and that offering the latest generation terminals at cost 0 is the hook to attract these types of customers.

It is true that at the time of contracting consumers do not have to pay anything for the new terminal, however, it is “forced” to maintain the high line and the price plan contracted during a certain period of time.

Also, the UCE notes that “neither” are “gifts” the “flat rates” offered by companies and is critical of the way in which operators show prices “very round and without any mention of VAT”, a tax that if it is not specified in the offer it is understood that it should be included according to the laws in force.

With all this, the UCE recommends to be cautious and be “very careful” with the conditions that appear in this type of promotions, as well as with the information received from the telemarketers, also remembering that in the event of any conflict or problem ” the large operators “are attached to the Consumer Arbitration System, so users can claim and defend their rights.

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