The Burn Out Syndrome: When the Community Manager runs out

At this point we are all aware and we have read on more than one website what a Community Manager is, what tasks should be developed and what are its main obligations.

This professional is someone who must have an exacerbated creativity and a number of resources, we can say unlimited, to update the blogs he has in his charge as a professional blogger without falling into tedium and repetition of the topics to be discussed.

On the other hand, it must also be an inexhaustible source of imagination for your own company, since, more often than we would like, it is the Community Manager from whom the ideas must sprout to carry out campaigns or specific actions in the different social platforms , such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Something that many people do not take into consideration is that mental work, creative work is the most difficult to develop, much more complicated than technical, since in this field, the technical follows a few channels, rules and rules, but the creative is different, we have to look for formulas that work and that are not heavily exploited by the competition, and you always have to have ideas.

But the Muses do not always visit us.

Sometimes, ideas do not sprout. There is always a moment when we can not think of what to write or what to talk about. No interesting action to be developed comes to mind. But we have to deliver ideas.

And the ideas are not there.

When a company requests the services of a Community Manager one of the requirements they ask is that it be proactive, but this proactivity is misunderstood. They not only ask that they anticipate possible situations that may occur, but that they are imaginative, that they bring something new and fresh to the team.

But imagination has a limit because it is something human. And, what happens when the imagination does not work for us? What happens when our main tool is not available to us?

In that case we need a plan B, an alternative. As professionals, we must have a way of being able to develop ideas without having them, that in the majority of the occasions it is usually to recycle previous ideas and modify them in a way that seems new. In this case, reinvention is fundamental.

In marketing there are many examples of this technique. It is not new that many creatives take ideas and concepts that were launched twenty years ago to wash their faces, change colors and relaunch them as something totally new. This also works for the Community Manager.

Another option that we can use is surfing the web in search of new ideas to give them a different approach and adapt them to our needs, or try to look for aspects that nobody has dealt with on different topics.

The truth is that imagination and creativity is one of our main assets, but also the most delicate. The mind is capricious and sometimes does not want to be available.

Has it ever happened to you? How have you solved it?

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