Suggestions to achieve sales goals in times of crisis

In the current context, the financial crisis that has spread worldwide acts as a filter that is responsible for debugging what is not effective or profitable. In this sense, companies have had to adapt to this changing environment; establishing differential advantages that allow them to get ahead of their competitors, in order to transform the problematic situation that organizations are experiencing in future business opportunities.

Next, several tips will be presented that present various strategies that can be useful to generate the purchase of products and / or services; and thus, to be able to fulfill the sales objectives in times of crisis and general recession:

Join the trend of “Coolhunting”

It is an activity that consists of making predictions about the emergence of new fashions or changes in the habits of consumers. Those responsible for doing this work are called: “Coolhunters” or “Trend hunters” and their main task is to collect information; by various means such as: Internet, newspaper, magazines, radio, television and directly from people; It helps companies to be prepared to take advantage of social trends. This trend is very important, because it allows identifying business opportunities derived from the needs existing in the market; in this way, to be able to establish persuasion strategies aimed at key audiences.

Creativity and innovation

In the area of ​​advertising and marketing, it has become a widespread practice to take as a reference what other organizations have successfully accomplished; in order to copy the model to follow to optimize the operating processes of the company or make it more profitable. This can be useful and positive to be able to monitor what the competition is doing; but very harmful when it comes to taking risks and establishing differentiating strategies. The ability of a company to create something new is the main key to be more competitive; so the investment that the organization makes in the research and development (R & D) of new products will be fundamental and will influence considerably to be able to achieve the growth of the sales.

Look to differentiate yourself from others

To distinguish yourself from the competition, the company must identify, highlight and communicate the characteristics that make it unique compared to other organizations. In this sense, differentiation is key to determining strategies that help increase sales; based on the competitive advantages of each product. Likewise, it is very important to identify the existing niches in order to position ourselves in emerging markets that offer greater possibilities for growth and profitability. These niches are characterized by being segments of the market in which people have common interests and needs that are being left aside or are not being fully covered by the general offer.


Use alternative means

Internet has become an interactive tool that allows a more direct contact with people at a very low cost. Marketing and advertising, currently, use this medium as a channel that allows them to have greater effectiveness and reach in all their campaigns; as well as to complement the communicative campaigns carried out through traditional media. Likewise, the Internet is a medium that gives us the opportunity to segment our public and to know their preferences and interests; This is particularly important in order to determine the strategies to be followed and the action plans to be implemented to attract new clients.

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