Six mistakes to avoid when using a same day courier service

Need dispatch to delivery within a day? Many large and small businesses, along with individuals, rely on same day courier services to dispatch and deliver their important goods that same day. If you need to ship a time-sensitive package or rely on the convenience of same day delivery for your business or personal shipping, a next day delivery option just doesn’t cut it.

With the evolution of same day delivery services, though, some common pitfalls can arise. Read on to learn how to avoid mistakes and experience smoother shipping.

Package With Care

Take care when packaging your goods. Proper packaging will protect your item and prevent damage in transit, which could be costly and inconvenience your customer.

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Ensure delicate items are clearly marked and labelled and use protective packaging, such as bubble wrap and sturdy boxes, for breakable or fragile objects. This will keep your valuable goods safe and secure, ensuring they reach their destination in tip-top condition.

Double-Check Addresses

A common error when using a same day courier is addressing your package incorrectly. Save precious time by cross-referencing and checking the full address and postcode of your package to ensure it reaches the right destination in a jiffy.

Since around 75% of consumers will abandon retailers over poor delivery service, avoiding errors that could cause a delay is imperative.

Choose Courier Carefully

Choose a reliable, well-reviewed same day courier. With the growth of the same day courier in Birmingham, London and all major cities in the UK, there may be many to choose from. Reading reviews and calling up to ask questions can help you to assess your courier’s reputation.

Also check that they offer everything you require, such as tracking services and insurance options. For those seeking a reputable same day courier Birmingham All About Freight can collect in under 60 minutes.

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Tracking Options

Tracking options offer added insurance and security when it comes to dispatching and delivering your goods. A reputable same day courier should offer a comprehensive tracking service for your peace of mind.

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