Should you buy a wool or polyester suit?

No matter what the occasion, wearing the right suit can help you to feel the part. If you don’t normally wear suits or haven’t given much thought to the types of materials used in tailoring, you should consider which option is right for you. The main choice you have is around natural fibres versus man-made fibres, so here are a few things to consider:

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Wool and other natural fibres are better for the environment, both in terms of production and upkeep. Vogue has identified ditching man-made fibres and embracing more sustainable options as the first thing to do to reduce the pollution of water with microplastics when laundering clothes. Natural fabrics are also likely to last longer if manufactured well and looked after, reducing the need to buy another. Suits made of wool and other natural materials also tend to be easy to repair if needed, as opposed to man-made fabric.

Quality and style

Certain man-made fabrics, such as polyester, can come with some stigma around quality. This is partly to do with the manufacturing and tailoring process of polyester suits and partly to do with the material itself. Natural fibres such as wool and linen tend to have a reputation for better quality and, if taken care of, woollen suits will last much longer than man-made options. Woollen suits also tend to look sharper and keep their shape well. A good all-rounder woollen suit can be worn to almost any occasion and can even be dressed down with a stylish jumper, such as Irish sweaters for men from stockists such as

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Suits made of natural materials can often come at a higher price tag. Polyester suits may seem at the outset to be more affordable, and what the suit is being used for and how often should be factored in; however, if you are likely to get a lot of wear out of your suit and will keep it for a long time, a woollen option might work out cheaper in the long run as it will last longer.

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