Plan your wedding day morning

It can be hard to coordinate the morning of a marriage. How will you manage the arrival of suppliers, hair and makeup appointments, flowers, bridesmaids preparation, and photographers? This is something you’ll want to think about before the big event so that everything runs smoothly and you don’t have to worry.

  1. Early Bird

No snoozing on your wedding day. You’ll have to get up early, whether or not you have 6 bridesmaids or 1. Hair and makeup must begin earlier, the earlier the ceremony begins. You’ll have to adjust the times based on how many people will be getting ready at the same place.

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  1. Buffer Time

It’s important to add some buffer time when planning your schedule. This will allow for any last-minute problems, delays or simply time to gather yourself before the big event.

  1. Photographers

You’ll have to start preparing even earlier if you plan to go to another location before the ceremony. You might be going to a special location for photographs. Photographers often arrive early to the venue in order to capture guests arriving at weddings. For a Barn Wedding Venue Kent, go to

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  1. Begin dressing an hour before departure time

You probably thought you could dress in 10 minutes, since that was the time it took to put on the dress at the bridal shop. Add to that the time it takes to attach the veil and your hairstyle to perfection, or your assistant’s shaking hands as they try to fasten hundreds of buttons, hooks, or laces. You will need to wear shoes while wearing the dress, and pose for artistic photos before the ceremony. It’s not possible to do it in ten minutes.

The ‘power hour,’ the crucial hour leading up to the ceremony, is a time that flies.

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