Saving Fuel as a Business – Three Ways you can Lower Fuel Costs

As a business, saving money is important and when you are running vehicles, fuel is one of the largest outgoings. With fuel prices set to continue increasing, not to mention the problems with fuel shortages that we have experienced recently, there is no better time to start looking into ways to save fuel…

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Drive in a More Fuel-Efficient Way – One of the most effective ways to save fuel is down to the driver of the vehicle themselves. Training courses that cover this are worth using to get the drivers to be more aware of this. Harsh braking as well as rapid acceleration are just two things which use up more fuel, so changing some driving techniques can certainly benefit the finances.

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Use Fuel Cards for the Vehicles – This is a good way to make a saving on the cost of fuel, and the more vehicles that you have the more you will notice the saving. There are many types of fuel card such as these Allstar fuel cards from Fuel Card Services for example so look into the benefits that they can provide when choosing the one for you.

Check the Tyre Pressure on the Vehicle – Something that not many people realise is the effect that low tyre pressure can have on the fuel usage. When the tyre pressure is low, it takes more fuel to get it to move, so regularly checking the tyre pressure and topping it up when necessary is a good way to save on fuel.

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