What is a Hydraulic Power Unit?

Mankind has always been on a quest to understand the mysteries of the natural world and science and our understanding of it has helped us to create things to help us in all areas of our lives. Hydraulics are something that as far back as the Ancient Greeks people have been exploring – the idea of using water to power machinery is an old one that is still as popular as ever today.

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In the 17th Century, Pascal’s law brought us a big step closer to modern hydraulic systems and of course during the Victorian times and the industrial revolution, scientists and inventors created all sorts of machines and inventions for the newly industrialised Britain.

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Today, a Hydraulic Power Unit like this https://www.hydraproducts.co.uk/Hydraulic-Power-Units/Standard-Power-Units can be used in a wide variety of industries, and have advanced a great deal since those early types, although of course the basic principle stays the same.

A hydraulic power unit can be broken down into a few units, the regulators which monitor the pressure and keep it regular, the hydraulic reservoir which holds the fluid, the pump which forms a vacuum and forces the fluid through to the machine, the motor which gives power to the pump, the pressure relief lines which stop the pressure being too high and the pressure supply lines which provide the fluid to the pump itself.


Although the pumps can vary depending on their job and the other machines they will work with, these are the basic parts of all hydraulic power units.



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