Moving to Devon? Why not Start a Business?

Devon will always be one of the favourite UK holiday destinations – drawing tourists from all over with it’s beautiful countryside, stunning coastline and plenty for families to do – families will often look for a list of shops in Honiton high street, as well as things to do in Barnstaple in the evening.


Visiting Devon is often what tempts people to come and live in the area – it is a truly beautiful place and lovers of the great outdoors will never be short of places to see here. As the area relies heavily on tourism, it is sensible to find work in that area. Remember, most of the tourism in the area is in the summer months, particularly the six-week summer holidays when families come to enjoy Devon in the sunshine.

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Running a bed and breakfast is a popular dream for people who come to live in the area, but you must be aware of what you are taking on beforehand. Anyone who has seen television programmes like the Hotel Inspector will know how hard it can be in reality if you don’t get it right!

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Another tourism focussed business that could be successful in this part of the UK is running your own restaurant. If you enjoy serving up good food, there are plenty of tourists who are willing to eat it! Make sure that you put a good business plan together before you embark on this, as it can become stressful, especially in the early days when you are still finding your feet.

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