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Do you have a good head for numbers? Then why not consider a career in accounting? Accountants give all kinds of advice about finances, as well as audit accounts. This may involve things like taxation, auditing, corporate finance and bankruptcy or insolvency.

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Accountants work in many different environments, such as general practice, industrial and commercial or in the non-profit sector. In general practice, accountants provide important services to clients who might be in the public, private or commercial sector providing services in such as managing treasuries, buying, management or reporting. For Gloucester Accountants, visit Randall and Payne Gloucester Accountants

Field financial work that an accountant may cover includes:

Providing financial advice

financial systems management and budgeting

business finance audit

liaison with clients and providing financial information and advice

System review and risk analysis

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advising clients on tax planning and associated dealings involving mergers or business acquisitions

maintain records, accounts and management data for small business

counselling clients in improving their business or helping with bankruptcy proceedings

Discover and avoid detect fraud

Not-for-profit services might include:

Dealing with auditors and any irregularities

generating reports and following recommendations of internal or external audit

Issuing financial statements, including the monthly and annual accounts

Getting into the world of accounting is open to graduates of subjects, not just maths and a Certificate in Finance, Accounting and Business may also be a useful stage between a degree and getting a training contract.

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