Mobile revolution: A reality to which all companies must adapt

A really astronomical figure, especially if we take into account that the short space of time in which it has been achieved. The smartphone, along with the other pocket screens, have entered our life through the front door, and to stay. Its use is already a daily habit, as common as brushing teeth after every meal. Companies can not ignore this reality, it is a succulent market niche that is progressively increasing and it is convenient to know how to take advantage, and take advantage of it for their own benefit.

Let’s analyze what is the profile of these users and how you can approach them:

Who are they?

The target audience to which the mobile marketing strategies should mostly be directed by companies is composed of men and women almost in equal proportions; the male gender slightly predominating. The most representative age group, approximately 45% of the sample, is between 25 and 45 years old.

Given this high representation of both sexes, it will be worthwhile to consider actions focused on each sector of the population, taking into account their specific consumption habits and online behavior.

What do they do?

Its activity focuses on three activities mainly: communicate, share and consume:

Communicate: Either through the use of more conventional services such as messages or e-mail; as through the new arrivals social networks, which also offer other possibilities to users. This inherent need of the human being to be in contact with his peers has found the last of his shoe. The users have in the palm of their hand the possibility of being connected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is a golden opportunity for companies, who have the possibility to approach where they are and interact in their own language.

Share: In this section we must make a special mention to social networks. According to comScore data, 45% of all Facebook traffic and 55% of all Twitter traffic is mobile. They have introduced our way of life in such a way that a meeting between friends or an important event is no longer the same without the consequent snapshots reflected in our social profiles, as well as their usual comments … Reflecting this trend, the 70 % of companies plan to increase their budget for online marketing on social networks.

Consuming: One third of users already prefer to make purchases through mobile devices. The trend of behavior on the part of men is to look for information about products and compare prices. Consequently, companies that have their online strategy well adapted to this type of platform, will benefit. In this aspect, the male audience stands out, who actively seek information both in search engines and through QRs and compare prices in this same way.

How to get to them?

The first step is to have a website whose navigation and usability system is adapted to mobile devices; If your website is not seen correctly in the mobile or the upload speed is eternal, better say goodbye.

Develop an SEO strategy for mobile: It is proven that search trends differ in this medium, the same is not sought, nor in the same way. Find out the needs of this type of audience and optimize your presence in search engines for smart terminals.

A very important aspect to take into account is the geolocation, smartphones allow us to obtain information here and now, anywhere we are. Therefore, take care of your positioning at a local level, make it easier for you to be found.

Use the QR: 50% of smartphone users already consume them, has positioned itself as the second country with the highest acceptance of these black and white icons. This data opens a whole field of possibilities for our national market, takes advantage of this new support, especially indicated for promotional actions on the street and get an immediate response.

As you see, each time our customers are more mobilized, get on the car and adapt to this new rhythm.

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