Customer service in social networks: Keys to define an action policy

The online marketing strategy of any company should include an action policy. In this way the different departments of the company will know how to act in any circumstance. This code of conduct should not be an influential billet full of technicalities and ramblings about social networks. It must be a practical user manual, which includes a series of basic and concrete guidelines, expressed in a clear language, easily understood by all. In this regard, the examples that illustrate the most frequent cases will be of great help. These are the main points that should include …

Define corporate social identity. Establish the set of characteristics that come to define the personality of the company in social networks. Based on these the company will adopt the policy of correct action when it comes to serving its customers in social networks.

Establish guidelines for action to be implemented both at a general level and in specific situations. As an example, the general trend of action to adopt in any company can be of the type:

Show yourself and act like a human being. It may be a bit resounding, but it is essential, social networks involve conversation, from person to person; nobody likes to talk to a robot. Remember, if not, how you feel when you call the telephone service of any company and the metallic operating system of the day …

Do not show superiority. Treat users one on one. It is about creating conversation with the clients, not about attending to their pleas as a king before their vassals. The basis of acting on social networks is to create conversation, as equals; Only then will you beat the users.

Do not get carried away by impulses, meditate well before giving an answer. Think twice before answering; sure that appealing to Santa Paciencia will give you the most appropriate answer; Outbursts are not recommended at all.

Always keep a positive attitude, ready to create a positive climate around any circumstance and solve your user’s problem. Take advantage of the gift of assertiveness and diligently manage any unforeseen.

Forget about trying to sell anything to the customer. If customers come close, they expect a solution or useful advice for them; Do not even think about taking advantage of that moment to talk to the client about the latest offers from the company. You will feel cheated, you have betrayed your trust.

Dedicate all your attention, until you have resolved its incidence completely. Do not show disinterest, or delay the excess time of the response. Do not allow yourself to be impatient, having the other side needlessly. If the resolution is extended, let him see that you are there, that you are pending and, when the time comes, the conversation is transferred from the online medium to offline.

Establishing general guidelines for action, the company will show unity and know-how in this new channel of communication with customers. The basis is always to have one thing in mind: each user is important, and should feel as such; The company has to act as a well-oiled system to achieve that goal. What is the policy of action in social networks of your company?

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